The best places to explore in Mumbai

When you want to get a holistic traveling experience of the city of wonders Mumbai then you should look for Shirdi to Mumbai cab to have a great journey to some most interesting places that you can visit with the experienced drivers of Ashwini cabs. Here are the major attractions of Mumbai.

● Chowpatty Beach

If you are traveling to Mumbai and don't visit Chowpatty beach then your journey is not completed at all. Chowpatty is a place to enjoy the nightlife and actual fun of this city. As we all know that Mumbai is a city which never sleeps and here people are always active in doing something or another. So this beach also experiences a great crowd during most of the time of day and at night also it offers moments of joy and rejuvenation which will refresh your body and mind. The mornings' of Chowpatty beach are comparatively peaceful because people come here to perform Yoga Asanas and walk to enjoy the scenic beauty while in the afternoon and night it has plenty of food stalls and shops which will satisfy your appetite and give immense pleasure to your taste buds. Here you can experience different kinds of cuisines from different parts of the nation. So look for rental cabs for Mumbai.

● Mumba Devi Temple

This city got its name after the Goddess Mumba Devi. If you are in Mumbai then Mumba Devi temple is a must-visit. This 18th-century temple is situated in the heart of the city and it is quite beautiful to explore. Mumba Devi is basically a guardian goddess of Koli Fishermans. The Goddess has eight arms and according to ancient mythology, she defeated an evil demon named Mumbaraka. And after defeat, the evil demon asks the permission of the goddess to build the temple.

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● Juhu Beach

If we talk about the most visited beaches of Mumbai then Juhu got the number one rank for sure. It is situated in vile parle; you can witness a major rush on the beach during the evening when people come here to enjoy the sunset and play in the water. Along with the fun, the food stalls of this place offer a great taste of Bhelpuri, Pav Bhaji and other varieties of street foods. It is the best place to enjoy and relax after a busy day with the Ashwini cabs.

● Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

Yes, a Dhobi Ghat which is world famous. You have often seen this Dhobi Ghat in several Bollywood movies and if you really want to see- What does this laundry place look like? then you should manage some time to visit the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat as well. It is a 140 years old place that is a major attraction among foreign travelers and Indians as well who are not too familiar with this culture. Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat is Mumbai's biggest human power washing machine where every day thousands of people clean clothes with their hands. Here you will find more than thousands of open-air troughs to help the people of Mumbai with clean clothes.

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