The majestic Western Ghats surround Lavasa, a beautifully planned city. In the Mulshi Valley, the city covers an area of 25,000 acres. The city has gained immense popularity among tourists due to its mesmerizing views of hills, valleys, and lakes. There is a seamless blend of stunning infrastructure and the enrapturing beauty of nature in this privately planned city. You will find stunning valleys here, gorgeous rivers, and lofty Sahyadri ranges here.

For Lavasa, how many days are enough?

In order to get the most out of visiting this scenic waterside area, one would wish to stay for four nights and five days. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the area from vantage points like the Lakeside Promenade. In addition, there are a variety of international coffee shops and dining options in the area. Apart from camping for the night, there are also a variety of water sports and adventure activities that you can engage in while you are there.Ashwini Cabs offers Pune to Lavasa car rental services

There are many beautiful tourist destinations in India, but Lavasa is perhaps the most scenic. In addition to having a great time there with family and friends, there is also a lot to see and do. The Pune to Lavasa Ashwini taxi service is an excellent way for you to explore the various tourist attractions in Lavasa Ashwini. Lavasa is easily accessible by both public and private transportation options, so you don't have to worry about finding the right one for you.

If you are traveling between Pune and Lavasa by road, you will be able to enjoy scenic views of the landscapes. From Pune airport, there are also taxis available to take you to Lavasa. Whether you are looking for a hassle-free ride or an affordable one, we offer both. When starting from Pune, you can avail the services of a cab service that will take you to Lavasa. It is now possible for you to book a cab from Pune to Lavasa online with Ashwini cabs.

Lavasa is famous for what?

It is not only famous for being the first planned hill station in the country, but for offering a vacation in style as well. Aside from luxuries like spas, open-air Jacuzzis, and rooftop dining, Lavasa has outdoor adventures like camping, trekking, cycling, birdwatching, and international watersports.

Distance from Pune to Lavasa by car

58 km separate Pune from Lavasa by car. Changing the route will change the distance, of course. Speed and stoppage time also contribute to the time taken to cover the distance. There will be many stops along the way where you can freshen up.

Can you tell me what are the best places to visit in Lavasa?

1. Lakeside Promenade: French Riviera-style leisure facilities add to the appeal of Lavasa. Take a stroll along the man-made lake, taste different cuisines, or buy souvenirs. A cycling track and bicycles are available for rent, or you can boat on the lake while admiring the sunset.

2. Xthrill Adventure Academy: A perfect combination of adventure and comfort can be found at the Xthrill Adventure Academy. Activities available here include rappelling, valley crossing, hiking, raft building, camping, cave waterfall treks, etc. As they take care of your needs and maintain the global safety standards for extreme sports, they provide you with some precious moments with your family, friends, or romantic partner.

3. Tikona Fort: Tikona Fort, also known as Vitandgad, is a hill fortress located in the Pawan Maval area. A triangle-shaped place, Tikona offers incredible views of water tanks, satvahan caves, and Sahyadri hillocks. It is a perfect place for a one-day trekking trip with immense historical significance.

4. Mulshi Lake: It is named Mulshi Lake after the village of Mulshi, which is located 30 kilometers from Lavasa and receives its name from it. Enjoy the ethereal beauty of nature surrounding Mulshi Dam and witness the stunning waterfalls that cascade down the cliffs. The beautiful view of the Sahyadri ranges coupled with the tranquility of the place creates a calming atmosphere.

5. Bamboosa: This factory and showroom is located about 195 km from Lavasa. We offer bamboo crafts such as beds, lampshades, tables, souvenirs, and more. This place provides employment for the locals while allowing you to fill your home with some artistic pieces.