Major tourist attractions of Mumbai

When you don't just want to vend around but actually want to explore the beauty of a given place then it is a must that you have a private luxury vehicle to add an element of comfort to your journey and for that what would be better than an outstation cab from Mumbai.

Mumbai is really a place for all those people who want to enjoy the modern culture of India. When you are travelling from Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai cab then it will be around a five and half hours journey. So let's have a look at all those beautiful spots that you can explore in between.

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● Banganga Tank

A major tourist attraction of Mumbai is the Banganga tank. It is one of the prominent attractions of Mumbai. This tank is actually a part of the Walkeshwar temple. It is believed that the water of this tank is actually from the Holy river and those who have dipped in this water get blessed. People often take a dip in this tank and then after flowers at the Banganga Temple. If you are in Mumbai then don't forget to visit this tank with a rental taxi.

● Chor Bazaar

Yes, Chor Bazaar!! You must be surprised by the name but it is one of the oldest markets in Mumbai which dates back more than 150 years. It is located in South Mumbai and earlier it is believed that it is a famous market for thieves to sell their stolen products. Chor Bajar is the correct one to find the stolen goods. Even today also here you will find plenty of articles of day-to-day use like Victorian-style furniture, fashion products, electronics and others.

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● Mahalakshmi Temple

After Siddhivinayak the next famous temple in Mumbai is the Mahalaxmi temple. You can also visit this temple to take the blessings from the Goddess Mahalaxmi. Especially during the Navratri thousands of people accumulated here to offer their prayers. Not everyone can afford a personal car as it requires a lot of money to be invested at once. Along with that in metros, parking and driving a four-wheeler is a big challenge. So if you want to enjoy a trip with your family in a comfortable vehicle in that scenario you can directly dial Ashwini cabs to get highly comfortable taxis which gives a feeling of your own vehicle. We always come with the best services for pan India cabs and serve our customers with the most trustworthy services that bring a feeling of satisfaction to them.

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