What are the amazing places that you can visit near Goa?

Goa is a place which is famous as one of the most famous holiday locations in India. So whether it's your honeymoon, a trip with friends or with family members; Goa is the one and only choice. If you have visited Goa many times and have seen all the tourist places of Goa then this time to make your Goa trip more interesting and amazing. So let's have a look at all those prominent tourist places that are around Goa which you can explore through the exclusive cab services of Ashwini cabs.

● Dudhsagar Falls

The first name on our list is Dudhsagar fall. It is located in the Mandovi river and falls on the Madgaon Belgaum rail route. It is the most exciting spot that you can explore near Goa. It is situated around 60 km away from Goa and you can easily explore all the important locations in a single day. The best time to visit Dudhsagar falls is between June to August because the river is full of water and you can enjoy the fall at its peak. Along with that, you can explore the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park on the trip when you hire outstation cabs from Ashwini cabs.

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● Vengurla

It is one of the awesome tourist places of Goa which is actually in Maharashtra. Here you will get plenty of cashew, berry, coconut and mango trees. It is located 110 km away from Goa. Here you can explore several beaches including-

● Kondura Beach
● Mochemad Beach
● Sagareshwar Beach
● Vengurla Beach
● Shiroda Beach
● Wayangani Beach

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If you really want to explore all these beaches in a single day then you should go for a taxi service. Because if you plan to travel with any public vehicle or shared cab then it won't be possible for you to visit all the major beaches in a single day. If you want a comfortable traveling experience then you should hire cab services from our platform only.

● Nersa

If you want to explore traditional village life then it is a wonderful place to explore near Goa. Nersa is a paradise for all those people who are nature lovers and enthusiastic about wildlife. If you spend sufficient time wandering around then you will enjoy it more. So it would be a good idea to take at least 2 days when you travel here. The best time for traveling to Nersa is between October to April.

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● Malvan

Malvan village is located 145 km away from Goa. You can reach here by hiring a taxi or cab from Goa to Malvan from Ashwini cabs to make the most of this place. This village is famous as a fishing village. Whenever you travel to this village then do not forget to please yourself with fish curry and rice. You can explore all the locations of this village in one or two days. The major attractions of this place are scuba diving, temple tours, snorkeling and shopping of course.