COVID-19 Recourses and Safety Protections took during the pandemic

As the Coronavirus had wreaked havoc and forced all of us to lead our life in a new normal condition. Social distancing, self-isolation, sanitization and quarantining are the common words what people are turning to. These precautionary actions are becoming handy in preventing the spread of this disease. Ensuring proper hygiene is one of the assured ways to fight the spread of COVID.

According to “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “, disinfecting most-touch surfaces is one of the best methods to protect against spreading the disease.

Ashwini Cabs are pleased to assist clients who need safe private transport. Our target is to ensure that, all safety measures are taken to tackle the COVID situation and our Clients can have a safe and secured journey. Ashwini Cabs would like to assure our clients that their safety is our utmost responsibility. Below listed are the steps we would like you to know:

1. Safe Taxi Services:

Ashwini Cabs is taking full-responsibility for your safe and secured travel, for which we are stringently following the guided precautionary measures as per ICMR. We believe doing so rigorously will help to contain the spread of Coronavirus and we request your assistance and cooperation. We had followed three important steps as safe taxi options:

• Hand Sanitizers: They are been installed in the taxi, which can be utilized in case the clients are not carrying by themselves.

• Disinfect the Vehicle: Before and after every trip, we get the complete vehicle disinfected for creating a safe space for the clients.

• Air Blowing the Vehicle: Before and after every trip, the air is blown in and out of the vehicle so that probable chances of infection can be eliminated.

2. Safety measures adopted by Drivers:

Our drivers are the messengers of our efforts. We ensure that our drivers follow the safety measures 100% and safety habit is not negotiated.

• Our drivers always wear Facemasks, carry hand sanitizers in the cabs, and make the vehicle safe and secured.

• They stock enough measure of disinfectant and always spray the same after and before the rides.

• Social distancing is followed strictly to ensure the clients and their safety.

3. Safety Measures for the Clients:

We care for the safety of our clients and we dedicatedly suggest them to follow below points

• Always recommend wearing Facemasks, carrying hand sanitizers and doing your self-help by reducing the possible unwanted contact points.

• Install Arogya Setu App and keep Blue Tooth on for proper status feedback.

• Load your luggage in the Boot space by yourselves and maintain a safe distance with the driver.

• Disposing tissues, cleaning cloths and other material outside the vehicle.

• When not required switch off AC and if AC is required run it in recirculating mode. Keep the windows lowered frequently to allow fresh air.

Have Safe, Secured and Relaxed Journey