Why is Solapur famous for visiting?

Akkalkot Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple –

This is a holy place and you can get peace of mind in this place. Solapur is a very idyllic place located about 255 km away from Pune. This is a place with a very peaceful atmosphere away from the crowd. You can also go from Pune to Solapur by cab. For this, you can also hire a Pune to Solapur cab. Cab is more comfortable than a bus or train on any journey. If you are thinking of visiting Solapur then definitely visit Akkalkot Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple there.

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Bhuikot Fort-

Bhuikot fort at Solapur was an old and well known fort. Missing this fort by going to Solapur will be called your biggest mistake because this fort itself narrates a different history.

Rukmini Temple –

This temple is revered throughout Maharashtra and the Ashadhi Vari in July attracts approximately 2 million devotees every year. This temple is a big achievement for Solapur. Every visitor must go there because somewhere this temple displays our history.

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Parasnath Jain Temple-

Although you must have seen many Jain temples, this Jain temple is creating a different image in everyone's heart because the artwork of this temple is different and this is the specialty of this temple. By booking Ashwini cabs, you can visit every picturesque place of Solapur.

Mallikarjuna Jain Temple-

This temple is also a very old and famous temple of Solapur. Ancient Basalt mirror polished temple. The design and mirrors of this temple are taken with the image of basalt rock and this is its specialty which makes it stand out. But the Maharashtra Government has destroyed its natural polish in the name of renovation, now almost 90% of its natural shade is gone. This temple is also known as the spiritual and most peaceful temple of Solapur.

Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary-

This sanctuary is famous for the rare bird great Indian Bustard also known as Maldhok. This sanctuary covers an area of about 8000 square kilometers. Many animals and birds are also found here such as Blackbuck, wolf, Indian fox and hyena and this is its specialty. Taxi Service is the best and safest option for such places to visit.

Ujjani Dam-

This place is one of the most attractive places in Solapur because of its cleanliness and cool environment. The area around here is very green. Now you do not miss such a panoramic view, so Ashwini Cabs has started the service of Cab Booking for you in a very easy way.

Solapur Science Center-

People who are interested in science will especially like this place. There is a park in front of the Science Center which is very beautiful but seems to be suppressed due to lack of maintenance. But in the present time, the government is eyeing that park as to how to renovate it. Now it becomes a bit difficult to roam around such places without Taxi Booking.

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