What places can you explore during your Pune trip?

When you are travelling to Pune from Ahmednagar via Road and want to make the most of your trip then you should hire Ahmednagar to Pune cabs from Ashwini cabs because we offer the best opportunities to explore every sport that comes in between. There are many tourist attractions, so let's have a look at some important places that you can explore during your Pune trip.

● Pawna Lake

It is a man-made lake which is built on the Pawna Dam. It is a very much preferred camping spot for tourists. Here you can enjoy immense natural beauty and water sports like river rafting and boating. All those people who plan Pune travel will include this unique destination in the itinerary and spend some quality time here.

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● Cafe Paashh

If you just want to take a small break from your long travels then Cafe is a great option. At Cafe Paashh you can enjoy a refreshing break where you can relax on the roof of the Cafe and catch the glimpse of its eternal beauty. Here you can enjoy amazing snacks and drinks which will make your mood for the night.

● Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace is also called Gandhi National Museum. It is the same place where Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned during the time of the Quit India Movement in 1942. Post-independence it was converted into a museum and it is a great place for all those people who have a deep interest in objects of historical significance. If you don't want any trouble in exploring the different places that come in between then you should do Cab booking for your traveling. It will ensure optimum comfort and a great travel experience.

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● Osho Ashram

If you have booked Ahmednagar to Pune cabs then you must visit the Osho Ashram to have a look at the life of this great spiritual leader. This Ashram was established by Bhagwan Rajnish and it attracts his local and global followers from all parts of the world. If you want to see the real significance of your life and want to move ahead on the path of spirituality then Osho ashram is definitely a place you should visit for once with our taxi service.

● Koregaon Park

If you want to take a glimpse of fresh air then what would be a better place than Koregaon Park? It is really a place to explore and enjoy fresh air, bakeries, fusion foods and listen to some melodious music at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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