What are the places that you can explore during your Goa to Mumbai travel?

Travelling is a great experience; while travelling you can explore different aspects of a particular place. Suppose you hire a cab from Goa to Mumbai and on your way, if you get the opportunity to explore all those locations which fall in between then it would be like a cherry on the cake. Who would not like to explore such an opportunity? If you also want to take optimum advantage of this opportunity then you should look for the car rental service from Ashwini cabs to have a memorable itinerary from Goa to Mumbai cab. There are numerous locations that come in between which you can explore some of them are close to Mumbai some others are close to Goa and others are completely in between. So let's have a look at all those prominent destinations that you can explore in Mumbai.

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● Elephanta Caves

When you are travelling to Mumbai then the first and major tourist spot to visit is the elephant caves which are situated within a radius of 10 km from the Gateway of India. They are said to be one of the oldest rock-cut structures in the country which are a perfect example of archaic Indian art associated with the cult of Lord Shiva.

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● Colaba Causeway Market

The next major tourist destination that you can explore in Mumbai is Colaba causeway market. This is a street shopping place from where you can buy cheap clothes, fashionables and beauty products. This is one of the famous shopping streets in Mumbai which you can explore in your free time and get some unique products at highly affordable rates. If you want to know more about the day-to-day life of the local people of Mumbai then you should visit this place once.

● Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus

Now this place is renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus and included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2004. This architecture gives a glimpse of the Victorian Gothic style. It was built in 1888 when India was under British rule. It is one of the best examples of Gothic-style architecture in India. It is also famous as one of the busiest railway stations in Mumbai.

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When you are travelling with your family then it becomes very important that you hire a taxi from a reliable service provider. If the service provider is not trustworthy then you have to deal with numerous difficulties along the way. Another important aspect of any rental cab is the driver. The driver should be trustworthy and well experienced in the routes and the rules and regulations of a particular place. If the driver has sufficient experience then only you can enjoy travelling comfortably. Otherwise, there will always be fear in the back of your mind about what the driver will do, and how he will react in a particular situation. So if you are looking for a happening and pleasant trip then call Ashwini cabs only.