Some lesser-known places that you can explore in Pune

Traveling to Pune is always a unique experience; no matter how many times you traveled to this city. It has something different always to offer you, Pune is unique in many aspects. In this city, you will find all the top tech giants; along with that the rich cultural and religious heritage; great buildings which have created history in the books of architecture are here. Along with that, the natural beauty that is spread here and there on different outskirts of Pune makes you mesmerized all the time. This beautiful city of Western Ghat is none other than a blessing for any travel lover. So whenever you are traveling you can hire a Nashik to Pune cab from our platform to ensure a memorable journey to this iconic city.

● Lal Mahal

If you really want to explore Maratha's history then Lal Mahal could be a great place to visit. It was constructed back in 1630 and it is said that Shivaji spent a considerable part of his childhood in this Mahal. It is the same place which witnessed the world-famous encounter between Shivaji and Shaista Khan.

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● Purandar Fort

This Fort has situated the Southwest of Pune; at a height of 4472 feet above sea level. This Fort has great historical value and valor. The Purandar Fort is famous as the birthplace of Shivaji's son Sambhaji. You can hire a Pune to outstation cab from our platform.

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● Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Besides forts there are many other places to visit in Pune city; one such place is Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park. This Park extends in the area of 133 acres and has three sections- the snake park, the animal orphanage and the zoo. Here you will find a wide variety of mammals, birds, and reptiles. The entry fee for this Zoological Park is 25 rupees for adults and Rs 10 for children. It could be a great place to enjoy a family picnic; the lake which extends over 42 acres further adds beauty to this location.

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● Mahatma Phule Museum

This place is the original residence of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule. He was a social activist and a strong prominent for women's rights. After his dismissal, his residence was transformed into a museum in 1890. Here you will find a diverse range of artifacts, agricultural goods, textiles, handcrafts, marble statues that are somehow related to the life of Jyotiba Phule. If you have a keen interest in the lifestyle of Mahatma Phule then certainly you will like to visit this museum. The entry fee is just 100 rupees per person. So hire a taxi service now to visit Pune.

● Khadakwasla Dam

Another major tourist attraction of Pune is the Khadakwasla Dam. It is situated at a distance of 21 km from the main city. This dam is the principal source of water for the Pune and suburban areas. If you are looking for a comfortable trip to this Dam then you should hire a taxi service through Ashwini cabs.