When you are travelling to Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar is the largest district in Maharashtra. The historical significance of Ahmednagar is huge. It was the prime seat of the ruler of the Ahmednagar sultanate in the late medieval period. Since this town is associated with Shirdi Sai Baba and Shani Shingnapur then the significance of this place is further enhanced. So just look for affordable cabs to Ahmednagar

A brief history of Ahmednagar

During the third Anglo-Maratha war in 1818 when the Britishers defeated most of the Peshwa; this region came under the Bombay Presidency. And post-independence it became a part of Bombay state. In 1960 a new state Maharashtra was established and Ahmednagar was also added as a new district. Besides historical significance, Ahmednagar has great natural significance as well. In this wonderful city, you would be able to experience more than 150 species of birds and many of them are endangered. So it is an ideal destination to explore for nature lovers as well.

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Some major attractions of this place-

Kapurbawdi Lake

When you are travelling to Ahmednagar do not forget this famous lake where you can explore Rock Pigeon, Asian Koel, Wood Sandpiper, and Purple Heron. Here you can also enjoy an ethanol glow of sunshine breaking through the forest and the unforgettable experience of watching birds with rental cab hire.

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Tomb of Aurangzeb

Another major attraction of Ahmednagar that you can explore is the Tomb of Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb is quite famous in Indian history as the last Mughal ruler who ruled the Indian subcontinent for almost 50 years. The Tomb of Aurangzeb is not too far from Ahmednagar. This beautifully designed monument attracts visitors from different parts of the world due to its unique architecture and historical significance.

Ahmednagar Fort

From high-tower roofs to firm bastions Ahmednagar Fort has everything you can look for. This Fort offers you a great glimpse of Mughal architecture. The foundation of the structure was led by Malik Ahmed Nizam Shah who belonged to the Nizam Shahi dynasty and later some work was done by Hussain Nizam Shah in 1559. The Bhingar River flows close to the Fort area. The history of this Fort is flooded with invasions and wars and still, it is standing study in front of us; which shows that the construction of that time was long-lasting. If you also want to visit this palace book right now Mumbai to Ahmednagar cab.

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