How can you make your Pune to Alibag trip exciting?

The most exclusive places that you must watch when you travel from Pune to Alibaug.

When you want to escape from the haptic schedule of city life then what would be a better choice than an exotic trip to Alibaug? So without thinking much just book a Pune to Alibaug cab with Ashwini cabs to enjoy a great time with your family and friends.

● Khanderi Fort

This fort is one of the most famous and well-preserved structures of the Shivaji period. Here you will find iron canons and cartwheels which makes this one unique in the Maratha forts. It is close to Nagaon beach and offers a great view in all the seasons. It forms a heart-shaped island in the Arabian Sea that further enhances the beauty of this place. When you saw the structure then you may feel that- how it would be able to survive for that long?

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● Kankeshwar Temple

If you are fond of visiting religious places then Kanakeshwar Devasthan temple would be an ideal choice to enjoy stunning sculptures and great architecture. In order to reach this temple, you have to climb around 5000 stairs. So it would be a big challenge for all those people who usually don't climb stairs. It is around 13 km from Alibaug.

● Janjira Fort

Janjira Fort has great importance in the history of the Maratha Empire. It is located around 54 km from Alibaug and is spread across 22 acres. It was constructed during the 17th century. Here you will find 6 life-sized elephant and tiger sculptures. If you are looking for an affordable cost rental taxi service then Ashwini cabs offer great options to enjoy comfortable travel.

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● Someshwar Temple

This Shiv Temple is located 3 km from Alibaug. It was built by Satwahanas in the Akshi. Religious mythology related to this temple is that - once Lord Shiva swallowed the poisonous ocean and turned it into honey. People often like to visit this temple to seek the blessings of Bhagwan Someshwar. Since it is near to all the famous beaches, this place witnesses a huge footfall on a daily basis.

● Alibaug Beach

If you are travelling to Alibaug then how can you exclude the Alibag beach from your itinerary. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the coastline of the Arabian Sea. When you just want to suck yourself in the panoramic beauty of the coastal life, then this is a must-visit place. Along with Alibaug beach, you can visit the Colaba Fort also. On this beach, you will always get a big crowd due to its mesmerizing natural beauty and wonderful taste of street foods. Often it is referred to as Alibaug picnic spots. It is an ideal destination for couples and adventure seekers. It is one of the pollution-free zones of the town to enjoy a serene life. If you want to explore each and every spot of Alibaug then it would be a better option to hire outstation cabs.