What places you can visit in Shirdi?

Who is not familiar with the name of Shirdi? This city is famous because of the world-known shrine of India. The Sai Baba Shirdi shrine is one of the highly worshipped temples in our country. This temple is situated in Maharashtra and has direct connectivity through Railways, Airways and Roadways from all major cities. But the best option is to hire a cab for Shirdi to have the best travel experience.

When you want to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful trip to Shirdi from Pune then who would be better than Ashwini cabs to ensure that you will have a wonderful time in this spiritual place. It is important to know that in Shirdi you will find a huge temple of a Hindu Saint name Sai Baba. You would be surprised to know that this temple witnesses around 50,000 to 60000 footprints of devotees every day. Here you will find the biggest Prasadhalaya in the nation which offers food at highly subsidize prices which is like free. Besides Sai Baba temple there are many other places which you can visit in Shirdi so let's have a look at all of them.

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● Gurusthan

Sai Baba has first recognised as a saint at an early age of 16 years under a neem tree that particular location is now famous as the Gurusthan. If you really want to explore all the important locations related to the life of Sai Baba then you should hire a personal cab or taxi through any taxi service provider. So that you can comfortably travel all around and experience each and every place that is a significant chapter of the life of Shri Sai Baba.

● Shri Sai Tirth theme park

As the name suggests the Sai tirth theme park is a great place to explore for anyone who travels to Shirdi for the first time, second time or anytime. In this place, you will find all the important documents and information related to the life span of Sai Baba. This is a wonderfully developed place which has architectural and natural beauty as well as important findings related to the life of Sri Sai Baba. Due to all these reasons, this theme park is quite famous among travellers not only in India but from all across the world.

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● Dixit Wada Museum

If you really have the interest to explore different aspects of the life of Sai Baba then you must visit this Museum for once. If you are travelling to Shirdi then it is needless to say that. If you want to hire an affordable cab through Ashwini cabs then you would be able to comfortably explore all the locations of the Shirdi.

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When you hire a Pune to Shirdi cab then it provides you with great pleasure, comfortable travelling and easy options to stay and you can explore all those important locations that come in the way. And in Shirdi also besides the main shrine, you can explore different locations which have significance and any kind of relevance to the life of Shri Sai Baba.